Two of the most significant events in the US’s last year were Joe Biden’s election to the presidency and the introduction Covid-19 vaccines. There are still those who believe that Biden won because of fraud, or that they shouldn’t have a vaccine.

Either belief can be dangerous for the health of society, or the health and safety of the republic. About half of the country has doubts about Biden’s legitimacy, and the other half have not received the vaccine.


The most recent Monmouth University poll asks about vaccine status and their views on the 2020 election results.

At 34%, the minority position of not having had a vaccine was at the time the poll took place in June. At 32%, Thinking Biden won because of fraud. However, the third electorate that voted for each position is not the same.

36% of adult who believe Biden won because of fraud received a dose from the Covid-19 vaccine.

If you do the math, this means that only 51 percent of adults have received a vaccine and believe Biden won the election. A slightly lower 45% of adults have not received a vaccine dose and believe that Biden did not win the election. (A further 4% of those who received a vaccine dose are unsure if Biden was legitimately victorious.

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We are not just 50-50 when it is about elections, but we are 50-50 when it comes belief in science and truth regarding this election.

However, this is not to suggest that belief in conspiracy theories about the election or the absence of a vaccine dose are not related. They are. Monmouth poll revealed that 64% of those who believe that Biden won due to voter fraud have not been vaccinated.