Millie Bobby Brown (17) is an Emmy-nominated actress, praised for her roles in television and film. At just twelve years old, the “Stranger Things” star became famous and spent most of her childhood in the public eye. Her childhood was full of praises, but it also included media scrutiny, bullying online, and repeated sexualization.

Hunter Ecimovic (TikTok) star at 21 claimed that he had sexually “groomed Brown” during a livestream. He made a series of lewd comments and used a term that sexual violence experts describe as behaviors perpetrators use in order to create the conditions for abuse.

It was an inexcusable violation. This led to outrage on social media for Brown’s defense. Brown has previously spoken out about the impact hypersexualization, online hatred, and other forms of hate on her life.

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Although it is not clear if Brown and Ecimovic, who go by Hunter Echo on TikTok with 1.6 million followers, were ever in a relationship. However, representatives for Ecimovic called Ecimovic’s comments “dishonest”, “offensive”, and “hateful” but said that they would take legal action against him instead of engaging on social media.