Thursday saw the first child tax credit payment go out via direct deposit to almost 35 million families. People who are expecting a paper check should receive them soon. This first round of payments was not without its bumps. Some parents have reported having payment problems. We have the answers!

The first check arrived on July 15th, with the second due to arrive on August 13th (check that you have the correct amount). This means that you have plenty of time to correct any errors or stop money from coming to your account that might be a repayment to the IRS.

We will answer your most pressing questions regarding the child tax credit payments. To check the status of your payments, you can use the IRS portals. If you haven’t created an account, this will allow you to access the portals. This story will be updated regularly.

Although the portal said I was not eligible, I received a payment. What should I do now?

It’s possible that the IRS could have made mistakes by sending millions of child credit payments to children. Some people were not eligible for the stimulus checks, but still received a payment.

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If you are certain that you are not eligible for the enhanced tax credit payments but still received a payment, you will need to return the money to the IRS. To unenroll for future payments, use the IRS Update Portal. The deadline to opt-out of the next payment in August is Aug. 2. This will prevent you from having more money to pay when you file your taxes for 2022.

Reddit users report that, despite being denied the child credit portal, they still meet the eligibility requirements and received their first payment. We reached out to the IRS for further information.