When talking about his life and career, Tommy Lee reflected on his last conversation with Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Although Lee has a short memory, he managed to recall a few specific details about the departed musician. In a recent interview with Zoom, the legendary rocker recalled his long and illustrious career. The interview also featured stories about the band’s nefarious past.

A heartbreaking post shared on Instagram on Tuesday revealed that Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee had spoken with his former drummer, Taylor Hawkins, just hours before he passed away. The singer-songwriter was in a hotel room in Colombia, awaiting a concert. When he heard the news, he could hardly believe it. He emphasized the many ways he loved Hawkins and was grateful for the time he spent together.

Hawkins, who spent a great deal of his set between the drums and front of the stage, performed a cover of Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” one of Freddie Mercury’s most challenging vocal performances. He sang it at Madison Square Garden on June 2021 with his son Shane. Before the performance, Taylor said he hadn’t seen this before last year. The song was a rousing performance, and fans were captivated by his acrobatic vocals.

In a touching Instagram post, Tommy Lee reflected on his last conversation with Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. The drummer was awaiting a concert when he met his friend, whom he later called Taylor. In his Instagram post, Lee noted that he couldn’t believe the news was real and reemphasized the fact that he loved Hawkins so much.

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The drummer’s death has shocked the world. The drummer was a beloved member of the band and had a strong connection with his bandmates. His death, on March 25, was the result of a fatal accident while touring with Foo Fighters. The guitarist, who was a longtime friend of Hawkins, emphasized his closeness with the drummer. However, there’s no doubt that he would still have talked to Taylor Hawkins.

In a touching Instagram post, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee reflects on his last conversation with Taylor Hawkins. Despite his personal struggles, the drummer’s last conversation with Taylor Hawkins was a “life-changing experience.” He also reminisced on his last conversation with his friend. Throughout the post, the two shared a fond memory of the two.

In a recent Instagram post, Tommy Lee reflects on the last conversation he had with Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of the Foo Fighters. The drummer passed away on March 25, while touring with the band. The Foo Fighters announced the news on social media, and tributes continued to pour in throughout the weekend. In an Instagram post, the drummer recollects the last time he spoke with the guitarist.

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