The latest image from Doctor Strange in the Multiversal of Madness is one that’s ripe with speculation. We see the Sorcerer Supreme, played by Benedict Wong, running through the streets while America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) is bound up in a black robe. We also see the villain, known as Gargantos, in his usual outfit and running down the street. There’s plenty of speculation about the new villain in this high-resolution image.

The new image shows Doctor Strange examining a cube holding a cell, just as the film was coming to an end. He’s clearly distressed, while America Chavez runs down the street. While this latest image isn’t much, it does tease what the movie might contain. The movie is set to premiere on May 6, and fans are certainly anticipating it. It’s a very interesting teaser for the upcoming Marvel film.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Sam Raimi explained the background to Doctor Strange’s relationship with America Chavez. The actress explains that “Scarlet Witch” may be more powerful than Doctor. As the multiverse stretches far beyond the earth, Strange must make the difficult choices to protect Earth. And in the process, he’s bound to make some mistakes.

Fans can’t wait for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The film will be released on May 6. The first look at the upcoming MCU film has already been revealed. Be sure to check it out before it hits theaters. It’s one of the most anticipated superhero films of the year. There are a ton of other MCU movies coming out this year. So stay tuned for the new images!

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Xochitl Gomez plays America Chavez. The actress is a former student of Strange and uses the same spells that Mordo uses to get rid of villains. It’s unclear whether her character will be able to save the world. While the cast is unreliable, rumors are rife with potential cameos in the upcoming film.

The latest image from Doctor Strange in the Multiversal Dimensions reveals a new character, America Chavez, played by Xochitl Gomez. This character is said to have the power to punch doorways between dimensions. In the movie, America Chavez is seen exploring her new environment, which is also protected by the Sorcerer Supreme. In addition to the Sorcerer Supreme, America Chavez is surrounded by a group of villains, who have been pursuing her. Moreover, she’s seen with the Sorcerer Supreme, and her awed by him.

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