On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth will lead a tribute to her late mother at Windsor Castle, where she was born on 4 August 1900. The queen is seen standing near the red despatch box, which holds official government papers. She also talks about the message from the US Vice President Joe Biden. She is filmed meeting with local community groups and joking with government officials. The funeral is expected to draw over 13.6 million people.

In 2002, on the 20th anniversary of her mother’s death, her daughter led a tribute to her mother on Twitter. She posted a throwback photo of the two of them, which she shared with millions of followers. Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth were born on 4 August 1900. She married the Duke of York in 1923 and they became the King and Queen Consort in 1936. They were crowned at Westminster Abbey in September 1938, with Prince Philip and Princess Diana present. Their majesties also visited parts of the country that were bombed during the Second World War. The palace, which was their residence, was bombed while Their Majesties were in residence.

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On the 20th anniversary of the Queen Mother’s death, Queen Elizabeth II paid homage to her mother in a televised tribute. Buckingham Palace also posted throwback pictures of the monarchy. The Queen Mother and her husband married in 1923. In 1936, the King and the Queen became the King and the First Lady of England. They were crowned at Westminster Abbey in March 1935. On the occasion of their coronation, the Queen and the King visited parts of London that had been bombed by the Blitz. Sadly, the palace was bombed while their majesties were in residence.

On the 20th anniversary of the Queen Mother’s death, the BBC covered the memorial tribute. The queen, Jacques, and Prince Harry lead the homage by showing a slideshow of pictures of the Queen Mother. The tribute includes a video of the Queen Mother’s funeral. The two have been in touch since the late Queen’s death. The royal family has been the symbol of stability in the nation for over 35 years.

The Queen Mother’s death was marked by a memorial service on Feb. 6. The BBC also covered the Queen Mother’s funeral. The funeral included a tribute by Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh. The service marked the 20th anniversary of the Queen Mother’s death. The two were together in a royal wedding. The wedding was a happy occasion and the two were married on 4 August.

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