A new set of photos have revealed the exterior of the Cosmic Rewind attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is an immersive 3D experience that will let guests relive the events of the Guardians of the Galaxy films. The ride will also feature a virtual reality experience that allows them to explore the universe through the eyes of their favorite superheroes. As previously reported, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is scheduled to debut on Disney+ during the Christmas season of 2022. The attraction itself is due to open on May 5, 2023.

As previously mentioned, the new attraction is based on the Guardians movies. The re-imagining of Epcot is the perfect fit for the movie franchise. The ride will be themed after the planet Xandar, which is a familiar setting for many Disney guests. The Star Wars-themed attraction will also feature an edutainment component in its design.

The theme park will feature a ride based on the popular Marvel films. The attraction will feature characters from the films, such as Drax. The MCU version of Drax will be wearing a vest-like shirt. The ride will open in Summer 2022. In addition to a theme park, it will also include a limited-time-only limited-edition merchandising shop.

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The newest attraction from the Marvel franchise is the long-awaited Cosmic Rewind, which will open in EPCOT later this summer. The ride will be inspired by the stories of the Guardians of the Galaxy and will follow the intergalactic military force called Nova Corps. This is expected to be the first “other world” pavilion at Disney World. Upon opening, it will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort.

The Cosmic Rewind roller coaster will feature cast members from the films. This attraction will also feature an edutainment element, since Drax is a character in the MCU. This attraction will open in Summer 2022 and be the first Marvel-themed ride at the theme park. This will be the attraction’s first merchandising location in the United States.

In addition to the coaster, another new Marvel attraction is in the works at Disneyland. The launch tunnel is expected to feature a rotating, five-car train with two rows of two people in each row. The launch tunnel will be the first area outside the Wonders of Xandar pavilion. There are plans for an extra-themed ambiance at Disneyland, with a plethora of items for visitors to purchase.

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