On Tuesday, Kanye West gave his girlfriend Chaney Jones a rare Hermes Birkin bag. The pair are known to be friends since they attended the same listening party last year for Kim Kardashian’s new album. It is not clear why Kanye wanted to give Chaney a special gift. It is thought that the rapper wanted to surprise her with a handbag that was not in circulation.

In response to this recent gift, Kanye West gave the actress a very expensive Birkin bag. Considering that the actress is the owner of the bag, the price is extremely high. The designer originally sold the purse for $70,000, but the designer later decided that the actress would appreciate it even more. As a result, the star’s wife was ecstatic. On Tuesday, the couple FaceTimed to reveal the gift.

The two had previously dated in 2013. However, their relationship deteriorated after the singer left the rapper’s company. The pair were not able to find a suitable replacement for the rare handbag. Instead, they were unable to find one that met their taste. The rapper later contacted Chaney through FaceTime, and after a few weeks, the woman received the handbag and was overjoyed.

After the breakup, Kanye West has not been as vocal on Instagram. His recent statements have focused on his music, his divorce from Kim Kardashian, the custody of his children with Kim Kardashian, and his attacks on Pete Davidson. He was even banned from Instagram for 24 hours for posting a slur in a recent post. The upcoming Grammy Awards also didn’t help his image.

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Kanye West has become a famous celebrity by giving extravagant gifts to his girlfriends. In February, he purchased five Birkin bags for Julia Fox and bought one for Chaney Jones. Despite the hefty price tag, the Birkin bag is limited edition and is only available in select stores. The actress also has access to Prive Porter, which has been known to sell Hermes bags to celebrities.

The rapper is known for giving out luxurious items. He recently bought five Birkins for his actress Julia Fox. He commissioned personal stylist Michelle Lovelace to buy the designer’s coveted bags. For the Chaney Jones Birkin, he chose ostrich skin. The rarer the material, the higher the price tag. The ostrich skin is more expensive than other materials. Therefore, she may have to pay a much higher price for the bag.

The gift of the $275000 bag was a gift from Kanye to his wife. The two had a rocky relationship and he and Kim had a daughter together in 2014. The couple got married in Florence in 2014 and filed for a divorce a year later. Ye had pleaded with Kim to come back and he has been known to buy her favorite designer bags.

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