After Tyga and Rob Kardashian called out Blac Chyna over her child support complaints, the “Monster” star responded to the allegations with a series of tweets. Chyna said she had to sell three cars to pay child support, saying she couldn’t afford to pay her ex-husband for the money she owes her kids. The reality star also claimed that the Kardashian sisters used their influence to gain access to her private photographs.

According to Tyga, Rob Kardashian stopped paying Blac $20K a month in child support due to her financial troubles. Meanwhile, Chyna’s revenge porn trial against Rob begins next month. Previously, the pair were embroiled in a lawsuit when they broke up, accusing each other of battery. Fortunately, the lawsuit was dropped before trial. However, following the accusations of domestic violence, Tyga and Camaryn Swanson reconciled.

On Monday, Blac Chyna claimed on Twitter that she has not received child support from her ex-husbands. She added that it’s hard being a single mother without support. However, Tyga and Rob Kardashian quickly responded. They questioned Chyna’s claims and explained that coparenting is not child support. They have yet to provide any official comments.

Both Rob Kardashian and Tyga were quick to respond to the accusations on Twitter. While Chyna is not asking for child support, she is merely saying that she doesn’t need it to support her children. The couple also denied that the two women are arguing about who should pay for their children. Despite the backlash, the pair haven’t publicly addressed their disagreement over the issue.

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Tyga and Rob Kardashian called out Blac Chyna over child-support complaints, claiming that the exes hadn’t provided her with a decent living. The two were joking about the alleged lack of support from her exes. Although Tyga did not respond directly to the allegations, the two argued that the claims were untrue and that she needed the money.

Rob Kardashian and Tyga both called out Blac Chyna over her child-support complaints. The exes had been in court for several months over the allegations. But after a year-long breakup, the two women reconciled on social media. It is not clear whether this will last, but it seems like the Kardashians are not giving up on Blac’s claims.

The two rappers called out Chyna over her child-support complaints on Twitter. They said the two had been having an affair for a long time and that the two no longer share the same children. The reality star’s Twitter account was also a subject of controversy. In February, she announced her intention to get married with Kylie Jenner and have a baby. The two are now engaged and a couple has three children together.

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