Tesla Is Cutting 10% of Workforce - Elon Musk Says He Has a Super Bad Feeling

In an email to employees, Elon Musk outlined his plans to cut at least 10% of the salaried workforce at Tesla. The CEO has repeatedly promised to exercise financial discipline, but now he’s targeting the white-collar workforce. The company is freezing hiring and slashing ten percent of its workforce. The emails were sent to both executives and employees.

Elon Musk’s email to employees

In a recent email, Tesla CEO Elon Musk demanded that employees stop working from home, saying, “We no longer accept remote work.” In a follow-up message, Musk repeated his statement, adding that it is essential for all staff members to be present in the company’s main office. The email also stated that “if employees don’t show up, we will assume that they are resigning.” In one way, Musk’s statement is ironic: he is taking a dig at other companies that allow workers to work from home.

If Musk does indeed want people to work from home, why aren’t more people doing it? After all, the company has an astounding 110,000 employees. If those employees quit, the company will lose a lot of brain power. Musk has previously spoken out against remote work, and has been openly critical of American workers’ work ethic. The leaked email reveals a more complex story. The company moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas, last year, despite having an engineering base and factory in the Bay Area.

His “super bad feeling” about the economy

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said that he has a “super bad feeling about the economy.” In an email to company executives, the CEO said that he would need to cut up to 10% of his current workforce. That could be as much as 10,000 jobs. Last month, Musk said the U.S. was probably in a recession, but blamed the government for causing inflation through stimulus measures.

On Friday, he said he has a “super bad feeling about the economy.” The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, has made no secret of his pessimism about the U.S. economy, and he warned that the company’s hiring freeze might be a good thing. The billionaire also warned that he expects the economy to suffer during his moon trip.

His crackdown on flexibility

It’s hard to believe that Elon Musk has a super bad feeling about his crack down on Tesla’s flexibility policy. His recent tweet has been met with accusations of anti-wokeness and lib-owning, but the entrepreneur himself has never been accused of anything remotely resembling a right-wing agenda. While Musk is not a political philosopher, he is flexible enough to see past polarization and offer alternatives to partisanship. While it won’t help Trump, the unbanning of Musk shows that he has a willingness to reach across political lines and discuss issues with others. Making him an enemy isn’t a smart move.

While the layoffs may be a temporary measure, the company’s financial situation isn’t likely to improve anytime soon. Musk’s aggressive pursuit of Twitter has put Tesla under financial strain, with a $33 billion investment in the company. Musk has staked his personal fortune on the stock of Tesla, which has lost $400 billion in value since Musk’s interest became public. Some analysts have interpreted Musk’s layoff message as an effort to project financial discipline and buffer the company’s stock from the damage caused by his actions. In his recent emails, Musk has been echoing concerns about a recession – a trend that echoes his own stance on Twitter, which he wants to take private.

His tweets with Scott Farquhar

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a “super bad feeling” about Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar. In a recent tweet, Farquhar blasted Tesla for its directive to allow employees to work from home. Farquhar then criticized the Tesla work schedule, saying it would be better for the company if it hired people who were not working. Tesla’s response? It invited its employees to apply for jobs at his company instead.

Elon Musk says he has a “super bad feeling” about Scott Farquhar and is not hiring any new staff. The company has stopped hiring worldwide and has paused all new positions for the time being. But what exactly is the “super bad feeling?” Musk asked in his email. The answer, of course, is unclear. Farquhar’s future is uncertain, but his actions make it seem like a tough decision.

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