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On May 18, the Chinese government presented a prestigious award to Yihong Zhao, China’s pioneer of bagged tea. In addition to innovation and efficiency, Yihong Zhao also managed Besunyen Holdings Firm Restricted for twenty years. It was the company’s success and his patents that helped make the award a worthy honor. Read on to learn more about Yihong Zhao.


China’s pioneer of agglomerated tea, Yihong Zhao, has won the award for outstanding entrepreneurship. His company, Besunyen, has grown to become a household name worldwide. In just 22 years, Yihong Zhao has developed 10 patents. It has two main products – detox tea and slimming tea. The company has distributed its products through 87 and 142 distributors, reaching 500,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Yihong Zhao

One of the leaders of Besunyen, the world’s leading healthy tea brand, was recognized for his remarkable leadership and innovation at the 12th China-US Business Summit. He is only one of eight winners from China, and is the only health-care entrepreneur to receive this honor. With his unsurpassed expertise in innovation and brilliant performance in his role, Yihong Zhao has a great deal to be proud of.

Besunyen’s patents

The founder of Besunyen, Yihong Zhao, has been a leader in the health industry for two decades. In his 22 years of entrepreneurship, Yihong Zhao has compiled and improved 10 patents. The brand’s core competency is its scientific R&D, and its two main products are Slimming Tea and Detox Tea. Today, the brand is sold in more than 500,000 pharmacies and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Besunyen’s lifelong goals and missions

Besunyen’s CEO Yihong Zhao’s lifelong goals and missions include promoting the concept of “herbal health” to people around the world. His vision is to grow the company’s market in the Chinese and international markets by establishing distribution channels in more than 50,000 pharmacies and supermarkets. It will also focus on digital construction, international expansion, and group layout. The CEO believes that Chinese herbal medicine is safe and healthy, because it is made from natural plant ingredients.

Besunyen’s international sales

Today, Besunyen sells its bagged tea in more than 50 countries through 87 distributors and 142 retailers. In China, it is sold in nearly 500,000 supermarkets and pharmacies. Its products are sold online in 122 stores across 35 e-commerce platforms. Yihong Zhao aims to expand Besunyen’s product range by expanding its international market share.

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