Exante Brokerage Company

How Two Gems Of Exante Brokerage Company Who Established An Empire With Their Hard Work And Skills Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Alexey Kirienko and Gatis Eglitis are the Managing Partner and CEO, respectively, of Exante brokerage. In addition to Anatoly Knyazev, the other two co-founders of the company are also from this group. The trading platform users wanted to make it as easy as possible for businesses to use financial instruments.

EXANTE’s Early Years

In 2011, Alexey and Anatoliy met Gatis Eglitis and decided to make the most of the opportunity by establishing Exante, a worldwide investment firm. They founded a company together after previously working together at another company.

This constitutes a turning point in all of the co-founders’ lives since the company is quick to draw customers even during its first few months of operation, which marks a turning point in the lives of all of the co-founders. Alexey Kirienko was the primary architect of the company’s current operational model. He gave it some thought and decided that the best thing for Exante would be for the company, in its role as a broker, to try to help investors, traders, and the many exchanges around the world connect.

A short time after establishing the company in 2011, it successfully obtained an MFSA, which is the registration license for Malta. Exante’s three founders have always had lofty goals for the company, so it should not have come as a surprise when, less than a year after the business was established, it began offering its services in Cyprus. Exante also started doing business in Asia in 2019 after getting a business license in Hong Kong, which served as a gateway to the region.

A broker to trade stocks can be beneficial to both businesses and individuals. Licensed by the United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus, and Hong Kong to conduct business under European law. 

Alexey Kireenko

Exante Broker’s Chief Executive Officer is Alexey Kirienko. His partners in founding the company were Anatolii Knyazev and Gatis Eglitis.

The Early Life of Alexey Kireenko

Alexey Kireenko had an interest in mathematical statistics and mathematics before beginning his studies at the university level (which eventually developed into an interest in probability and game theory). Alexey Kirienko, a university student who was anxious to put what he had learned into reality, required more than academic knowledge. As a direct result of this, he started engaging in trading various types of stocks during his second year in college. Alexey Kirienko developed increasingly sophisticated investing strategies by putting the theories he learned in class into practice, which complemented the academic work he had done. Because of this, by the time Alexey finished his fifth year of college, he was already better at statistical arbitrage than his peers.

Being employed by a brokerage company

In 2001, he worked as a futures arbitrage trader, specializing in static contracts. In the foreign markets, he’s been trading derivatives since 2003. Alexey’s inner potential is revealed by his experience in trading static arbitrage and financial products. New tactics for profitable trading help remedy the lack of skills to understand conditions and limit risk. As a result, a solid foundation for analyzing global market growth has been established.

Establishing the company 

In the ten years that have passed since the company’s establishment, it has successfully accumulated more than thirty different prizes and awards in a variety of fields. These honours include an investment award, a diversity in finance award, a digital investment company of the year award, and – most recently – the titles of “Best Trading Platform” and “Best CEO 2020/21” from European Business Magazine. In recognition of the accomplishment, Kirienko made the following statement: “I’m very thrilled to be receiving this award from European Business Magazine.” It reflects my hobbies and devotions. Still, it also stands as a monument to the dedication of our staff, who have been working relentlessly to guarantee that we remain ahead of the curve at all times. When taken as a whole, these accomplishments demonstrate that Exante is the kind of company that aspires to attain superiority in the quality of its product, places a high premium on the development of its workforce, and is anxious to see its employees advance along with it.

A decade ago, the entire EXANTE team put in a lot of effort to establish itself as a market leader. More than 30 awards, many of which are well known in the business world, show how successful this effort has been.

  1. These are some of the honours.
  2. Investment Award
  3. Financier Diversity.4.
  4. A business that invests in digital currencies
  5. Prizes for Financial Innovators

The company’s initial customers were found almost immediately. Alexei’s unique and high-quality software and his creative and high-quality business practices helped him become wildly successful and gain many customers.

Gatis Eglitis

Gatis Eglitis, one of the company’s founders, is currently working for the international corporation EXANTE as an executive director. In addition, he is a member of the company’s board of directors. Gatis Eglitis was one of the individuals essential in establishing the company. He was also one of the individuals who helped build the company.

Educational background;

He studied international economic relations at Latvia’s University. He earned a Master’s degree at UC Berkeley to better understand his chosen field. The University of Latvia Master in Finance. He graduated from CBS, one of Europe’s oldest and most respected business schools. This school’s students are known for their academic prowess and industry ties.

Developing Skills

In 2006, he was hired as a trader at Saxo Bank Denmark and later as an institutional trader. In 2006, he started working at Soxo Bank Denmark as a trader and an institutional trading specialist. While attending university, Eglitis began working with significant sums of money and applying his academic knowledge. Unlike retail dealers, major financial institutions can afford this type of transaction. Gatis could make the proper decisions since he had access to information from other bank traders’ transactions. “Institutionalists’ ‘ compete fiercely, which helps to discover weak players. Only the most recent deal can reveal a trader’s success in a challenging market. Eglitis was given the position of Institutional Sales Manager because he understood the situation, planning tasks, and carrying them out.

Working as an EXANTE employee

In Malta in 2016, he was responsible for the company’s strategy and commercial development. Traders who entrusted their business only to Malta’s banks had access to a global network of financial institutions through the company’s local presence in the financial services industry. For the first time of its kind, it was built by merchants with real-world expertise to benefit local businesses. It is now possible to trade in real-time over the internet on a platform with more than two sources of profit. They can trade directly and promote themselves and their trading ideas to a large number of Exante users.