Taylor Swift Has To Face Trial In ‘Shake It Off’ Copyright Lawsuit

A copyright lawsuit surrounding Taylor Swift’s hit shake it off is going to trial a federal judge ruled on Thursday that the singer and songwriter must face a jury trial over accusations she stole the lyrics to the chart-topping hit from another song that also references players and haters the 2001 track play is going to play released by the group 3lw.

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The case against Swift was filed back in 2017 by the songwriters behind the 3lw track sean hall and Nathan butler citing this line in Swift’s song. Holland Butler’s case against Swift floundered early in 2018 U.S district Judge Michael W Fitzgerald dismissed the lawsuit citing 13 different earlier songs that featured similar phrases but a year later a federal appeals court reversed that ruling which sent the case back to judge Fitzgerald for new proceedings on Thursday the judge refused Swift’s request to dismiss the case again saying a jury might find the track off Swift’s album 1989 had infringed the copyright to play his gunplay the ruling sets the stage for a jury trial but no date set.