Olivia Rodrigo tickets went on sale, then all hell broke loose

Tickets for Olivia Rodrigo’s highly anticipated sour tour officially went on sale Friday, December 10 but many were left empty-handed as the market was flooded with eager buyers her tour is set to begin in April in San Franciso and she will headline concerts in more than 40 cities throughout North America and Europe instead of hitting arenas or stadium Rodrigo will tour in ballrooms theaters and other smaller music venues so tickets were few for the countless fans who have been waiting months for Rodrigo’s debut headlining tour there was a verified fan registration for her North American tour dates through Ticketmaster meaning fans could sign up for what essentially a lottery to purchase tickets fans learned Thursday night whether they were selected to participate in the sale by the time tickets went on sale Friday at 10 a.m.

Olivia Rodrigo tickets went on sale, then all hell broke loose
Many fans were left in the dust some people showed images of thousands of people ahead of them in online queues people not chosen in the verified fan registration were unable to get tickets and even some who received a registration code could not get tickets in times some venues sold out within minutes and within a couple of hours the entire tour had sold out trying to get Olivia Rodrigo tickets were like being in the hunger games one Twitter user said God it’s brutal out here Olivia I love you dearly but I’m bawling my eyes out in school at him.

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I had one person in front of me before buying tickets the site crashed and now there are thousands. I’m not okay at all Rodrigo has been regarded as the breakout musician of 2021 two of her songs good for you and driver’s license both have more than one billion streams on Spotify the latter being the most streamed song in the world in 2021 on the platform her debut album sour was the most streamed album globally Spotify announced earlier this month Rodrigo who broke out on the Disney plus show high school musical. The musical series is up for seven Grammy Awards including a record of the year album of the year song of the year and best new artist tickets went on sale earlier in the day for her Europe concert dates and reportedly sold out in three minutes Ticketmaster said it was an incredibly busy morning with people purchasing tickets to the shows we’re all out of tickets for Olivia Rodrigo Ticketmaster UK said sorry to anyone who missed out this time.

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