The pop star has been announced as the Global Ambassador for Record Store Day 2022. The annual event was started in 1999 to promote brick-and-mortar indie record stores. While the original concept was to spread out releases over three months, it soon evolved into Recorded Music Drops, which were released over two months instead. However, these drop releases didn’t go over well with fans.

Since its first record store day in 2002, the world has seen an increase in music sales and record stores have become the center of music culture. Earlier this year, the yearly event was split into two dates to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic. But it will now return to its traditional springtime date, April 15th. The news of Swift’s global ambassadorship came just a day after she received her first Grammy nomination. In those years, she was preparing for the release of her second album, Fearless. This year, she will also be involved in the launch of special RSD Black Friday events.

Record Store Day was first celebrated in 2008, and Taylor Swift was the first official ambassador in 2010. Joshua Homme is the current Global Ambassador for RecordStoreDay. But what made Taylor Swift stand out? During the pandemic, Swift helped independent record stores by donating signed albums to record stores. And when the pandemic hit the United States, she donated to Grimey’s New & Preloved Music in Nashville. She also supported record stores in her own ways, with her music and donations.

This announcement comes just days after the singer was announced as the Global Ambassador for Record Store Day. The event was founded by the late Carrie Colliton, whose vision was to support the cause of independent record stores. In the past, she has supported the record store movement, and her announcement as the global ambassador of RecordStoreDay 2022 is no surprise. With her huge success in the music industry and her love for independent record stores, Taylor Swift’s selection as Global Ambassador is a win-win for both sides.

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Although many people might have doubts about Swift’s commitment to record stores, she is a great ambassador for Record Store Day. In addition to being a global ambassador, she also has been a global champion in the past. She has supported RSD by donating signed albums to independent record stores and has a history of supporting the movement. And it seems like her passion for records was a good one.

Having previously released exclusive RSD records, Swift will be releasing her new album on RSD 2022. The new album will be available exclusively to record stores, and she’ll likely be the first global ambassador for Record Store Day. In addition to the special release of the album, the new album will be available to independent record retailers around the world. The campaign is an excellent way to celebrate the art of record stores.