With more than 200 million followers on Instagram, Kendall Jenner is an easy target for fans looking for the latest fashion inspiration. Her recent Instagram post of her snowboarding in a teeny bikini proved that she isn’t scared of the cold at all. Although she is usually seen wearing ultra-modest outfits, the supermodel opted for a modest outfit this time. She showed off her sexy curves in an off-the-shoulder Vera Wang top, Christian Louboutin heels and a lacy Victoria’s Secret thong. The huge snake tattoo that she has on her right thigh is designed by Gigi Hadid and is a work of art by famous tattooist Jenai Chin.

Although Kendall Jenner isn’t the only famous person who has taken a snowy bikini selfie. In fact, she’s not the first to do it. In 2015, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram, which shows her doing so with her big sister Kourtney Kardashian. She accessorized her look with a furry ski hat, Adidas boots, and a cup of hot cocoa. Taking a page from Kim Kardashian, Jenner’s ‘furkini’ paired with a ‘furkini’ in Utah.

While many people are afraid of the cold, Kendall Jenner proves that she’s not. She wore a teeny bikini to snowboarding in a chilly snowy resort. She even paired her tiny bikini with a green baseball cap. While skiing, she was able to enjoy a beer and a hot chocolate, all while showing her unfazed smile.

In the recent V magazine, the supermodel shared several pictures of her snowboarding adventure. She wore a black bikini, over-the-knee boots, sunglasses and a furry hat. She was also spotted in a white thigh tattoo designed by Jenai Chin.

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Caitlyn Jenner also opted to wear a tiny bikini when she went snowboarding in Aspen, Colorado. She’s also a tequila entrepreneur. And it’s not hard to imagine that the star is enjoying her vacation. The So Chic Blue Lagoon bikini is a limited edition, one-piece swimsuit by Gooseberry Intimates, which costs 98 dollars.

While many women may be afraid of the cold, Kendall Jenner is proving that she’s not. She’s a model who loves to wear clothes that expose her skin. She’s also known to wear fur coats and leather on leather maternity outfits. And she’s definitely not scared of the cold as she’s wearing a tiny bikini on a ski trip.