The viral footage has exposed an “secret” room that can be seen on some planes.

The video was uploaded to TikTok this week on the last day of TikTok by Michelle (@laxtoluxury) who is a blogger and content creator whom wrote “Do you know about this secret room where your pilots and flight attendants sleep?” The video is currently getting an impressive 650,000+ views as well as nearly 24,000 followers.

The video starts with Michelle climbing a flight of stairs in front of the cockpit of the plane.

Did you know there are whole secret rooms on certain planes in which your captains as well as flight attendants could actually sleep during long-haul flight?” she asks in the video’s narration.

“It’s called the crew rest, and on this Dreamliner, it’s located behind the cockpit, up these hidden stairs that leads to a small room … with two beds with curtains you can pull around them with additional privacy,” she says.

To give background to understand for context, the Dreamliner is a Boeing model plane.

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As per the Museum of Flight, the plane “achieved 20 percent less in fuel consumption when compared with previous aircrafts in its class. The plane also has an altitude that is lower than the maximum cabin to ensure comfort for passengers and provides larger windows to enjoy the landscape outside.”

“The initial version, the 787-8, can carry 210 to 250 passengers. The longer 787-9 carries 250 to 290 passengers. The longest version, the 787-10, accommodates 300 to 330 passengers,” the museum said and added that these numbers can be different.

One commenter was upset by being concerned by the possibility that pilots are able to be able to, and often do, nap on certain flights.