TikTok user “thearielle” has gone viral on the social media platform thanks to the video of her playing to be Justin Bieber at a party. To her delight the singer was also there to watch her work.

TikTok users have demonstrated their creative flair time and again by creating viral videos that are one-off. Users on the site have seen everything from an equine horse performing an unintentional dance or the group of males in a club and even unsavory videos such as a restaurant with a rat infestation.

Halloween 2021 has provided a new set of viral videos including Lizzo dressing up as the ‘red-light/green-light’ doll from Squid Game and TikTok user Arielle ‘thearielle’ Vandenberg showing up to a costume party dressed as Justin Bieber from his song ‘Holy.’

She didn’t realize when she was planning her costume, that the singer himself would attend the party and give a hilarious response.

Justin Bieber reaction to TikToker costume

If Arielle posted her YouTube video Halloween Day, she provided an eloquent description of her experience: “I just pooped my pants.”

When the creator walks through the hall with grease-sprayed over-alls, and carrying her dog, she quickly saw the musician at the table.

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Bieber laughed and yelled: “Am I some sort of joke? Is this some kind of joke? Do I seem like a amusement to you?”

As per the comments in the clip, it’s not even the second time TheArielle has donned the costume of the singer — she’s costumed as Justin for more than five years.

Bieber was able to walk toward the creator and hugging her and a memorable Halloween celebration that she will never forget.

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