Victoria Justice shares heartbreaking news about her dog's tragic death

American performer Victoria Justice shared the heartbreaking information about her dog’s tragic death on Friday.
On her Instagram account Instagram, Sophie posted a picture of her Instagram. Nickelodeon star posted adorable pictures of Sophie and wrote, “Hi guys, so I have some sad news to share.”
The actress told her fans that she learned that her fury-loving friend was sick when the actor was making films in Australia.
The woman, who is 28 years old, said “This came as a shock to me because when I left her she was totally fine.”
“Anyway, I was holding out hope and had gotten an update that she had been at the vet & was actually doing better,” she said.
“But unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse & we lost our beautiful Sophie girl.”
The actress also revealed that she was devastated to hear about the news “I’ve been with Sophie for 13 years, and being unable to be with her and hug and kiss her in her final moments was heartbreaking. But, she’s not suffering and that brings the peace I need.”

In a post about the wonderful times she shared together with Sophie, Victoria wrote, “She was a daring and sassy, confident, sassy and open-minded personality. If someone came through our house and did not pay her the respect she deserved, she’d be the first to let you know.”

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“Today’s actually Sammy and Sophie’s birthdays and I thought this was the perfect time to blog about it. To commemorate the most wonderful 13 years I was able to be with her” said The trust actor.
She was giddy over her beloved animal companion, Justice added, “I still think about her every day & she will always live on in my heart and memory.”