The owner of the Milwaukee pizza shop who almost losing her hand during a collision with a pasta machine last year is back to work.

Chef Suzzette Metcalfe who owns Pasta Tree since 2007, was cleaning the machine when her fingers got caught between 2 rollers on the pasta maker.

Metcalfe sought assistance, but the hostess was at the in the front of the house and did not listen to her pleas, OnMilwaukee reported.

“It all happened so fast,” Metcalfe said to the newspaper. “The machine has a pedal safety brake that I stepped on to stop it, but I couldn’t open the rollers to get my hand out.”

Her phone was out of reach, Metcalfe was forced to move the table that was sitting on towards her using her feet. After this she was capable of calling the emergency services, as well as her waitress.

She was already suffering 22 fractures to her right hand. This put her out of action since May 28 when the accident happened, and continues to be so until today.

“The discomfort was intense. It was a miracle that I was able to remind her to call the guests who had reservations to the dinner. I was sure we wouldn’t have dinner service.” Metcalfe elaborates.

When emergency assistance arrived, the ordeal of Metcalfe was not ended. At first, OnMilwaukee reported, EMTs were not sure of the best way to get Chef Metcalfe from pasta maker’s rollers. maker.

Metcalfe clarified that her concerns at the time weren’t only about her hand. She explained to OnMilwaukee: “They were pumping me up with Fentanyl to ease the pain and I was frightened about the pasta maker. It’s been there for over 60 years. It was the home of her mother, who was one of the former owner, Robert Fontecchio. It is the core of the restaurant.”

After 45 minutes of trying to remove Metcalfe motivated by the fact that she lost circulation to her fingertips, the choice was taken to use the Sawzall that could cut the metal. The procedure used 12 brand new blades to cut the rollers.

After being released, Metcalfe was transported by ambulance to Froedtert Hospital, renowned for its hand surgeons.

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After she was released, the chef said her fingers looked as “sausages that were boiled too long and burst open.”

While waiting to see experts in hand surgery at Froedtert Hospital, she began to be concerned that she could be unable to use her hand again, she informed On Milwaukee. Thankfully, doctors assured that she wouldn’t lose her fingers or hand however she was facing the challenge of recovering.

Based on Restaurant Kitchen Safety 101, the majority of incidents that happen in professional kitchens include lacerations and cuts, slips, trips , and falls and sprains as well as soft tissue injuries, as well as burns and burns. But this doesn’t mean that mishaps with pasta makers aren’t common but they are certainly not uncommon.