This actor posted heartwarming pictures and video to celebrate the 18th anniversary of his partner.

On Thursday on Thursday, Former star of Pretty Little Liars actor Julian Morris came out with a touching Instagram post where the actor also celebrated his 18th birthday with his partner.

“18 years together, and they were the best ones because they were with you,” Morris posted in the caption of the carousel of photos along with videos of him and his partner, L.A. artist Landon Ross and added “I love you” along with the heart emoji.

Most well-known for his role as Wren Kingston on the Freeform mystery-thriller show Pretty Little Liars The actor has also appeared on television shows like 24 Once Upon a Time, and New Girl. Recently, Morris appeared on the Apple TV+ drama The Morning Show.

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The 38-year-old, who’s been in love with his partner since he was just 20 years old, young, also sent an expression of gratitude to his fans on his Instagram account, writing “Really moved by all the love and support. Thanks guys.”