In the year 2015 Nikkie de Jager – also known as NikkieTutorials published an online video on YouTube called The power of Makeup. In the video, Nikkie applies makeup to the face in half to demonstrate what transforming makeup could be. The video went viral and, as of today, has an uninvolved 42,500,000+ views.

Since the time, Nikkie has invited Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore onto her YouTube channel in order to get half their makeup completed. Then, Nikkie has posted the next video of her ‘Power of Beauty’ collection which features no other than Adele. Yep, A-D-E-L-E. Adele and Nikkie. Two legends. The duo of power that we didn’t even know we required.

The video starts beginning with Nikkie (understandably) freaking out, and Adele instructing the YouTuber to ‘cover the spot’. It’s the kind of content that is relatable that we are accustomed to.

The first thing to highlight is how gorgeous Adele appears with no makeup. We’re used to seeing the amazing singer sporting stunning glamourous looks on stage. it’s rare to see her with her famous eyeliner that she wears with a winged wand, but at the start of the video, she’s clean-shaven and radiant.

As they discussed a variety of topics in the 30 minutes of video They also touch on Adele and her views about beauty. Some are sure to make it feel as if she’s a person you’ve known all your life.

To begin, Adele revealed that she is obsessed with her nails and would need to remove them while on tour. I’m not sure how to play the guitar, however I totally understand.

I think you need a brow and an earring and you’re good for the world,” the singers says. “I don’t apply the lipliner for my own life. The lines just get bigger if I try this by myself”. Nikkie then quickly throws her lip liner around the room. Absolutely hilarious.

Drinking white wine (really sad that I didn’t get invited to this gathering to be honest) The pair then move towards eyebrows. “If I don’t dye my brows – these are dyed – I look like Voldemort,” says Adele. “They go so pale and blonde.”

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“I actually learnt how to dye my own brows in the pandemic,” she shares. “So that’s what I did. do it for a wash every week since I’m fair. Then one day, I did a ton of study, watched a lot of YouTube videos, and ordered everything on Amazon. I only do it once per week by myself now.” You see, you are you guys? Celebs were also Googling and tubing on how to complete all of those beauty treatments at home too.

Then, the lesson began to move on to the point of truth: eyeliner. Nikkie starts slowly drawing on the eyeliner of Adele.