“Oh My God,” declares the Internet after viewing a clip of a humanoid robotic model.

A few Twitter users are freaked by footage of an extremely precise humanoid robot made available by a robotics firm.

Engineered Arts, a British company, came with the name Ameca which stands for robot. Through the years, Engineered Arts has posted several robotics-related videos on the YouTube channel.

None of the footage however have received the same amount of attention as the Ameca footage that was uploaded on Wednesday, and has more than 200k views.

The video also gained recognition on Twitter The video’s version had more than 11.6 million views by the morning of Friday. The video also had received more than 175,000 comments and tens thousands of Retweets.

The robot appears to be asleep in the video in the footage, its eyes closed and its head bent slightly down. The robot awakes by stretching its arm, and blinks in the bright light while its eyes scan the space.

Then, it stares towards its fingers for couple of seconds before looking towards the camera.

A few observers wondered if the robot was made by computers. Engineered Arts claims Ameca is not an actual CGI creation, but the most sophisticated humanoid robot.

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While some viewers were awestruck at the engineering of the robot Some viewers thought the footage was too realistic. J.D. Witherspoon is an online streamer and creator of content The video’s creator and streamer J.D. Witherspoon reacted by forecasting the end of the earth “I give us 12 years tops,” the streamer tweeted.

Michael Harriot, a TV writer and author who tweeted: “No way. This is the way it all starts.” Joe Santagato, YouTuber posted: “Brother I’m looking forward to screaming for my life before an angry machine.” Oh my goodness.