MGK shared stories of a traumatic injury to his coccyx while playing beer Pong alongside Post Malone, explaining his unsuccessful lift on Pete Davidson, and how he cut himself trying to look cool for Fox.

The things we do in love. Ask Colson Baker to talk about this. More well-known to the music community by the name of Machine Gun Kelly is an individual who has an ever-growing number of actions he’s taken to please his girlfriend but some of them are simple daft.

In the The Tonight Show on NBC Tonight Show Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon The one-time pop-punk star was all set by reclining on the couch in the shirt that is emblazoned by his girlfriend, Megan Fox.

Never one to lose the opportunity to tell a tale, MGK told tales of injury to his coccyx and drinking beer alongside Post Malone, explaining his unsuccessful lift over Pete Davidson (thankfully for us it was captured on video) and also the time he cut himself while trying to look cool for Fox.

“I threw it up and it stuck in my hand,” the actor explained by presenting the wound to Fallon as evidence of his experience. “You know how to throw it around and then you’re supposed to catch it. I looked at her , and I thought”check the details.'” Knife throwing or catchingisn’t part of the MGK arsenal. The next day the bravado waned. “I was like, ‘yo, I need stitches real quick.'”

Kelly Baker, or Kelly Baker who he’s currently using his first name since the time he was just 15 He acknowledged Cameron Crowe for reintroducing the artist under their real names on the sets of Roadies.

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The host and the late-night guest also took the time to have fun playing the game AutoTune Up, a sketch that sees each participant take turns turning random text into song using the power of AutoTune

MGK has revealed a new album titled The album is titled Born With Horns the album includes the lead single “Papercuts” and will drop in its entirety in an unknown date in 2022. The album is the follow-up the album tickets to my Downfall which debuted at the No. 1 . on the Billboard 200 in 2020, for his first time as a leader.