Mu Diamonds official image on a chair wearing black clothes

Mu Diamonds has had an interesting life. He was born and raised in a difficult neighbourhood in Buffalo, New York. Regrettably, gang violence became the standard in his life. He found consolation in music as a teenager. Rap became a hobby for him and his friends, and they experimented with verses and beats together. 

Unfortunately, Mu Diamonds spent a life full of struggles yet, he remained determined throughout. He was shot in the back and paralyzed from the waist down in a drive-by shooting. “Getting shot and being paralyzed was one of the worst trials of my life,” the artist said of the incident. People began to treat him differently, and some of his loved ones cut ties with him. His circumstances, however, did not deter him. It simply made him more determined to achieve his goal. When one’s passion and drive are great, no setback can stop one from accomplishing their goals. Mu Diamonds, a rapper, displays this dedication and passion. He updates his fans by posting about his latest music albums on Twitter.

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After putting the horrible experience together, he decided to hustle and build his music career. The Diamonds have gained a huge fan base in the northeast over the last decade as a result of their unwavering commitment, passion, and vision. His song, which you can listen to on his YouTube account, was well received by the audience, with many of them sharing his experience growing up in New York City’s ghettos and slums.

Despite his life’s various twists and turns, he finished strong and increased his reach in the music industry by founding Dynesty Entertainment, his recording label. Mu Diamonds’ recording studio offers full engineering and production services and Mu Diamonds is a sound engineer as well. For the label and the artists who work with them, the organisation also provides creative material and marketing. His recording company Dynesty Entertainment is a modelling agency as well. They are also providing modelling opportunities for youngsters. If you want to learn more about his company then click here for more information.

 Mu Diamonds successfully finished the production of his EP album, Memories & Moments, which he plans to release online on Halloween. He is also upbeat about the future of his label, as he attempts to help others who do not have the means. Diamonds also aspires to be a part of the entertainment industry in the future. If you are Mu Diamonds new followers, then you can find his first album, “Memories & Moments,” on all music platforms. It is also available on iTunes.

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Mu Diamonds never let his wheelchair get in the way of his ambitions. Mu Diamonds has managed to carve himself a successful career despite the horrific environment and obstacles he has faced. Because of his devotion and dedication to his trade, he has been nicknamed “King of Buffalo.”He is also going to release his new music album on January 12th. You can only listen to it right now on SoundCloud. You can also find out more about Mu Diamonds by following him on social media, facebook, and instagram