It is good news for fans that Miley Cyrus is safe after her plane got struck by lightning! The pop star was traveling to Paraguay to play a concert when her plane was struck by lightning. The singer posted video of the emergency landing on Twitter and assured her fans that she and the rest of her crew were safe. The performance, which was due to take place in the Paraguayan capital Asuncion, was canceled.

While Miley Cyrus was flying to Paraguay, her plane was struck by lightning, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. The pop star shared video of the strike on her Instagram page and said she was “completely safe.” She added a broken heart emoji and the word “I love you” in all caps. A brief look at the video reveals that passengers gasped in shock after the bolt of light struck the plane’s fuselage. Fortunately, Cyrus was unharmed and her plane was a spare.

The pop star’s plane has landed safely, but it is unclear how long she will be out of commission. The airline captain says it’s best for her to cancel her show because it’s important for her to be in the country. The concert was due to start at 7 p.m., but Miley Cyrus’ plane had to make an emergency landing and make an immediate emergency landing.

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The singer, who is scheduled to headline a festival in Paraguay, tweeted on her Instagram account that she and her fellow passengers are safe. The incident happened at about 11:50 p.m. (PST). After the lightning struck, the passengers began to gasp in shock. The airline captain, John Cox, said that “it is impossible to tell how many people were in the plane during the storm.”

The pop star was reportedly struck by lightning on Tuesday evening, forcing her plane to make an emergency landing. She was en route to Paraguay to headline a music festival. The singer’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing, but she was not hurt. She was able to make an Instagram post showing the incident. However, she was not able to tweet about the event, as her personal Instagram account was overloaded with photos of the incident.

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The singer shared video of the incident on her Instagram and assured her fans that she is safe following the incident. The lightning caused a plane to make an emergency landing and forced the flight to make an emergency landing. The star has confirmed that the incident was not a serious threat to her health and fortunately, the flight landed safely. The tweet showed a broken heart emoji on her iPhone and an all-caps “I love you” on her Instagram profile.