Matt Goss and Luke Bros were born on the same day in Lewisham, London. Both grew up with an electronic drum kit and saxophone. They started playing together in a band called Blue. Craig Logan, their bass guitarist, became the group’s lead singer. They have been a hit in the UK for over three years and have toured Europe and the USA.

While touring the US, Goss has been promoting his debut album “Life You Imagine” in London and Las Vegas. After the group split up in 1992, he decided to pursue a solo career. He has since relocated back to the UK after living in the US. He recently returned to the UK after years of playing in the US. He was a resident of Las Vegas’s Caesars Palace for over a decade.

The former Bros member wanted to compete with Ed Sheeran. After the band disbanded in 1992, Goss began a solo career. He moved back to the UK after living in the US. He also held a residency at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He is now looking forward to competing with Sheeran in the United Kingdom. In the meantime, he wants to get back on the right path to success.

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As an independent artist, Goss wants to be the next big thing. The former Bros band member wants to compete with Ed Sheeran in the UK. The band is expected to sell 16 million records in the US alone. The brothers were reunited for two dates in London last year. In August 2017, they headlined the O2 Arena in London. In February 2022, the duo will release a new album.

After a long-time breakup, Matt Goss wants to compete with Ed, the singer has a new solo project in the works. He has been releasing music since 1992 and is set to release his debut album in February. He has a long history of touring the UK and the US and has also held a residency at the Caesars Palace. If he succeeds in this, he will be able to compete with Ed Sheeran.

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After being in the US for nearly two decades, the singer launched a solo career after his band broke up in 1992. He has now returned to the UK after a decade living in the US. He was previously a member of the band Bros. He has also had a Caesars Palace residency in Las Vegas. This has led to many fans becoming a fan of his music. It is a dream come true for the former Bros and he has been able to acquaint himself with the UK after living abroad in the States.