Meet the Entrepreneur Who Brought White Rabbit Creamy Candy to Singapore

A year ago, Milkbomb launched the first ever White Rabbit candy ice cream. In an effort to cater to Asian students at the University of California, Berkeley, it opened a branch in Singapore. The ice cream quickly took off, so the owners scoured Asian markets for White-Rabbit candy and bought it all. Since then, the company has partnered with a distributor in Shanghai to produce mass-produced ice cream.

Fu’s ice cream has the classic flavor of White Rabbit candy, which comes in an edible rice paper wrapper. Although it’s still available to eat, the entrepreneur introduced it as a new product to the Singapore market. While the original Shanghai-based manufacturer has since stopped making White-Rabbit candy, Wong is the first in Asia to bring it to Singapore.

White Rabbit candy ice cream is not an instant hit, but the entrepreneur is determined to make it a hit in Singapore. In fact, the ice cream is the first product from a Shanghai-based entrepreneur. Unlike other ice-cream brands, White-Rabbit candy is made with a special method. It is frozen and then smashed up in a blender. This enables the ice-cream to retain the chewy quality of the candy when it comes out of the oven.

Meet the Entrepreneur Who Brought White Rabbit Creamy Candy to Singapore

Among the most interesting aspects of White Rabbit ice cream is its history. The sweet, chewy texture of the candy has led to it becoming popular in Asia. It was popular enough that people queued up for four hours in China two years ago to get the milk tea. It has also recently been incorporated into macros. Last year, Banh brought the first White-Rabbit ice cream to Singapore.

The ice cream originated in China, where White Rabbit was marketed as a nutritional product during the Cultural Revolution. Chinese consumers waited four hours for milk tea at a pop-up location in Shanghai. Fortunately, Tsui’s boba-ice-cream business has spread to Singapore and has become popular among locals and tourists alike. A macro stuffed with White-Rabbit baby flavored icing is the latest offering from the entrepreneur.

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The concept behind White Rabbit was born out of a childhood memory. The two founders looked back to their grandparents’ days of sneaking candy out of the house. Tsui’s parents would reward him with a White-Rabbit after Chinese medicine, and the idea was born. These childhood memories led to the development of the entrepreneur’s own company.