Level5 Strategy Announces Michael Carter an Experienced Global Consultant

Level5 Strategy has announced the appointment of Michael Carter as Managing Partner. His diverse experience and strong business acumen will enable him to leverage his deep cross-functional expertise to help clients unlock new possibilities. He previously served as CEO of two technology companies before joining a leading global management consulting firm, where he played a key role in defining and implementing the strategy for their mid-market practice.

Michael Carter has more than 25 years of experience and has worked with organizations of all sizes. He has led and worked with companies including Deloitte and Kearney, where he has focused on innovation and organizational transformation. He has also founded and led two successful know-how firms. He has an MBA from MIT and a master’s in business administration from Yale University. A native of Toronto, he holds an MSc in Business Management from the University of Toronto.

Level5 Strategy Announces Michael Carter an Experienced Global Consultant

Level5 Strategy is thrilled to welcome Michael Carter as its new President and CEO. He brings more than 25 years of experience in strategy and transformation consulting. He has led firms across various industries. His extensive experience includes working with both startups and established organizations. He has served clients as a senior executive in multinational organizations. He has also held leadership positions in two successful know-how companies. While working at Level5, Michael Carter will continue to build his team and drive business results.

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In addition to his extensive experience, Michael Carter brings a diverse set of skills and knowledge to the organization. He has spent more than 25 years working in consulting and business development, with a focus on strategy, innovation, and change management. He has also built two successful know-how companies and founded several others. And in the process, he continues to develop and grow the firm. The new team’s growth will further accelerate its plans for expansion.