Lauren Goodger is 'Unrecognisable' After an 'Attack'

After being attacked, Lauren Goodger is now in hiding and is ‘unrecognizable’, according to a new report. The former Miss America is hiding with a friend. The attacker, Charles Drury, has denied attacking the model. A’selfie’ of the model posted online by Lauryn Goodman shows her bruised face and fractured eye socket.

Lauren Goodger is ‘unrecognizable’ after alleged ‘attack’

The actress has reportedly gone into hiding after an alleged attack on the day of her daughter’s funeral. Her friend, Lauryn Goodman, shared a photo of Lauren with her followers, revealing that she had been injured in the early hours of Thursday morning. In the post, Lauryn breaks down when she sees the horrific damage Lauren has suffered.

While some fans are shocked by the claims that Lauren Goodger was attacked, others are appalled that her ‘face has been ‘altered beyond recognition. The actress, who was once known for her role on the ITVBe reality show The Only Way is Essex, has also appeared in Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Big Brother. Despite the reports of an assault, Lauren is determined to get back on her feet.

She is in hiding with a friend

A savage attack on the reality TV star has left her ‘unrecognizable’ and has been charged with assault. Police have reportedly arrested her boyfriend Charles Drury on suspicion of the attack. The reality star had previously lost a baby daughter weeks before the incident. During the alleged attack, the TV star was found at a residential address in Upminster, Essex, with broken facial bones, a fractured eye socket, and other injuries. The victim spoke to OK! magazine ahead of her funeral, saying: ‘I am in shock

A friend of Lauren has described her injuries as ‘horrible’, telling Nicola that she is ‘unrecognizable’ following the brutal attack. She broke down after seeing pictures of Lauren’s injuries and the alleged attackers. According to Nicola, Lauren was already at ‘rock bottom’ before the attack. She has not been drinking since the attack.

She is ‘unrecognizable’ after the alleged ‘attack’

Lauren Goodger has been ‘unrecognizable’ following an alleged ‘attack’ on the day of her newborn daughter’s funeral. The mother has moved in with a friend at an undisclosed address and has been undergoing treatment for her injuries. She allegedly suffered a fractured eye socket and was taken to hospital. A friend of Lauren Goodger, 25, said that she was attacked on Wednesday night after the funeral of her newborn daughter Lorena.

Despite Lauren’s apparent healing process, she is still fearful of leaving the house for fear of being fired. However, the British television personality Gemma Collins, who has appeared in several shows similar to Lauren Goodger, has defended her friend. Recently, Lauren Goodger, who was allegedly attacked by an unknown man in the street, shared a heartbreaking message on Instagram in response to Jason Gardiner’s “vile” comments.

Charles Drury denies attacking her

Following the allegations of physical abuse towards Lauren Goodger, her boyfriend Charles Drury was arrested and bailed last week. He is suspected of assaulting Goodger, who suffered broken eye sockets. During the incident, Drury was with Lauren when she had just gone to the funeral of her newborn daughter, Lorena. Lauren was left terrified and has been in hiding with a friend. Her close friend, Lauryn Goodman, shared photos of the injuries.

The two had a difficult relationship before Lauren allegedly attacked Drury last week. They were dating for three months and had a one-year-old daughter together. It has now emerged that the couple had an escalating rift before the alleged assault. Lauren denied assaulting her boyfriend after the funeral, which happened in Upminster, Essex. Lauren is currently 16 weeks pregnant with her second child.

Lauryn Goodman says she is brought to ‘tears’ whenever she looks at her

It has become clear that the world is grieving for Lauren Goodger, a new mum who lost her baby in a violent attack. The 22-year-old was reportedly attacked on the day of her daughter’s funeral by her boyfriend Charles Drury, who has since been released on bail. Lauryn Goodman, a friend of Lauren’s, shared a picture of Lauren on Instagram and said it brought her to tears.
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Lauryn’s close friend Gemma Collins has also appeared on similar reality shows as Lauryn, including Dancing on Ice and Celeb Big Brother. Lauryn has been friends with Gemma Collins for several years and says she is always ‘brought to tears every time she sees Lauren. Gemma also became a close friend of Lauryn after the actress revealed she was pregnant with Jake Mclean’s baby during the show.