Louise Redknapp 'Dating Again' Following Her Divorce

After her marriage broke down in 2017, the singer has reportedly begun dating again, following a break-up with ex-husband Jamie Redknapp. After 20 years of marriage, the singer and former footballer divorced and Jamie moved on to date Swedish model Frida Andersson. Friends of Louise Redknapp have arranged dates for her, according to Closer magazine.

Louise Redknapp ‘dates again’ amid divorce from ex

The former Strictly Come Dancing star, 31, has reportedly started dating again. The singer and former footballer split in 2017 and are reportedly dating men again. Her friends say she needs time to refocus on her new life. However, her sons, Beau and Charley, have told her that they do not want her to date anyone new.

After a painful divorce from her ex, the talented singer and dancer have turned her pain into music. She and Jamie Redknapp married 48 years ago and separated in 2018, and are now single mothers of two. The singer previously formed the R&B band Eternal together, and their relationship has been rocky ever since. Louise Redknapp – who is professionally known as Louise – has been spotted in less glamourous attire.

The ‘dating again’ rumor comes amid a divorce from her former husband, Jamie. Louise’s new relationship is unlikely to be as public as her previous one, but she remains a successful singer despite the difficulties she has faced. Her second album, ‘Elbow Beach’, received widespread critical praise, but overall sales remained disappointingly low – reaching only number twelve.

Louise Redknapp’s friendship with Daisy Lowe

Rumors have circulated about Daisy Lowe and Louise Redknapp’s friendship, which they first met on Strictly Come Dancing last year. But Daisy has denied any connection and dismissed the claims that she and Louise are romantically involved. Despite the reports, Daisy Lowe has been frequently spotted with Louise, and they have been seen together since the show ended.

The two friends met on the show, and the pair became close. Daisy also became Louise’s biggest cheerleader, giving her confidence on Strictly Come Dancing last year. The relationship has also sparked finger-pointing and accusations that it may have ruined Louise’s marriage. While Daisy has always been clear that she values her privacy, she has remained silent on the issue and has only denied that the pair are romantically involved. However, the documentary Femme will give her a platform to speak her mind.

It was Daisy Lowe’s friendship with Will Cameron that made her famous, and it led to her acting role in ‘Charmed’. In addition to the BBC series, she also appeared in music videos for other artists. She appeared in the thriller Confine, which starred Alfie Allen and Alicia Vikander. Daisy Lowe was also featured on the covers of many magazines, including Esquire, Elle, and Playboy. She also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, where she partnered with dance professional Aljaz Skorjanec. She lost in a dance-off with Greg Rutherford. However, Louise Redknapp has been supportive of her friend.

Louise Redknapp’s career

Louise Redknapp has been spotted ‘dating again’ following her divorce from her ex-husband. The singer, who was married to footballer Jamie Redknapp for nearly 20 years, has been spotted out on dates organized by friends. Although the divorce was finalized in less than 25 seconds, there are rumors of a new relationship.

While Jamie Redknapp’s relationship with his new girlfriend Frida Andersson is thriving, his relationship with his ex-wife Louise is still in shambles. Despite the divorce, Louise Redknapp has taken time off to focus on herself. Her two sons, Beau and Charley, are not keen on Louise dating new men. During her time in the public eye, she has spoken about keeping the Redknapp name.

Despite her newfound freedom, Louise has been doing soul searching in her blog and is writing about her heartbreak at seeing her ex move on with his life. While her friends are keen for her to move on, they want her to focus on moving on. Earlier this year, Louise revealed her hopes of meeting one of her former band members and reuniting with them.

Her relationship with former footballer Jamie Redknapp

After a long separation from her ex, Louise Redknapp is ‘dating again’ and is reportedly looking for a new love. The divorced singer was married for 19 years to former footballer Jamie Redknapp, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2017. The former couple has two sons, Jack and Oliver. Jamie is now dating Swedish model Frida Andersson. The singer has spoken candidly to close friends about her new relationships and has been spotted walking her dogs this week.

Louise’s relationship with Jamie Redknapp was not without controversy. The former couple had a turbulent relationship, and Louise’s divorce prompted her to leave Jamie. After their split, the singer signed a global record deal with ADA/Warner Music. Her fourth solo album, Heavy Love, is due out on 18 October 2019. Although the album’s release date was postponed to 2020, Louise has released two bonus singles. During the break, Louise also launched a fashion magazine called Icon, which she sold to another publisher.