Johnny Depp Agreed To A Seven-Figure Contract To Remain The Face Of Dior's Sauvage Fragrance

The actor recently completed a photo shoot with Andy Williams, whose artwork will be featured in a new Dior ad campaign. Since Johnny Depp’s last ad campaign for Dior, he has spent most of 2022 in the headlines. He is currently involved in a defamation suit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Despite the defamation suit, his fragrance sales have increased.

Johnny Depp’s Sauvage cologne is the top-selling fragrance in the world

The perfume’s success has fueled speculation about the reasons behind its success. For one, it was created by Dior, a company that is well known for its colognes. Dior’s Sauvage fragrance is a new take on the original Eau Sauvage. The fragrance is described as tough and noble. Its star, Johnny Depp, was an ideal choice for the role of Sauvage. As a child icon, he had a rock star’s aura.

The celebrity’s popularity is also reflected in sales of other products. The cologne has become the best-selling fragrance in the world, beating Chanel and other top brands. The trial was held in June, but Dior stood by Depp and has aired its ad on Fox since then. It is not clear how long the campaign will last, but it certainly hasn’t hurt the brand.

He’s re-upped his contract with Dior

After signing a multi-year contract with Dior back in 2015, the actor has recently signed a new one. The new deal, worth seven figures, will have Depp become the face of the brand’s Sauvage fragrance. Despite the controversy surrounding the actor’s sexual misconduct claims, Dior has stuck by their man, and the actor will continue as their ambassador. Dior has also confirmed that they met with famous fashion photographer Greg Williams during Johnny Depp’s concert in Paris.

A defamation lawsuit between Depp and a British tabloid resulted in a dismissal of the lawsuit. However, the brand stood by Depp and sales of its perfume skyrocketed. Even though the lawsuit impacted the actor’s role in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie, the star has stuck with Dior and has signed another five-year deal with the fashion house.

He’s facing a defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard

The movie star is currently facing a defamation trial filed against his former wife, Amber Heard. The lawsuit claims that Depp falsely claimed that Heard had assaulted him in the past and lied to the press about it. Heard, meanwhile, denies these claims. The actress has retained attorneys in the case. She says that Depp’s lawyers fabricated evidence and lied to the media.

Heard, who filed the defamation lawsuit against Depp last month, claims that she has received death threats and was a “spoiled brat” as a result of the scandal. Depp’s defense team argues that the incident was a one-time incident and that Heard was trying to get the role of Aquaman. While Depp denies any wrongdoing, the evidence is substantial.

He defends Dior’s campaign ad

After the June ruling, Depp has been on a comeback tour with his friend Jeff Beck. It was backstage at his recent Jeff Beck concert that Dior executives struck a seven-figure deal with the actor, to continue as the face of the brand. Depp and top Dior executives are expected to appear in a new advertising campaign.

In the news that the two companies have agreed to a multi-year deal, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has re-signed as the face of their cologne Sauvage. The deal will last several years and is worth a reported $1 million. The agreement comes after a courtroom battle between Depp and Heard, who was the co-star of the film Amber Heard. While Dior was hesitant to sign Depp during his divorce from Amber Heard, the re-signing of his contract is a testament to the brand’s continued support of the actor.

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In 2015, Johnny Depp first partnered with Dior as the face of the brand’s Sauvage fragrance. According to TMZ, the two companies met with Depp and fashion photographer Greg Williams at a concert in Paris in order to discuss his new deal. During the trial, Depp was also collaborating with Amber Heard to promote the Sauvage fragrance.