Despite their longtime feud, Kim and Kanye have recently remained supportive of each other, and Khloe Kardashian has joined the fray as Kanye has shown her support for the rapper. Earlier this month, Kanye and Kim split after he began dating the King of Staten Island star. The two women have a love child, North West, and are now engaged to each other. While the two are not together, they have a lot in common. Their mutual friendship has allowed them to be able to be very candid about their differences.

In a recent interview with the Hulu show “Comments By Celebs,” Kim confirmed that she was not seeking a protective order against Kanye, but does not want to restrict his access to his kids. On the other hand, she also revealed that she does not want to limit the time she spends with her children. During a new Hulu series, Kim defended her ex-husband Kanye and made it clear that she isn’t willing to compromise their relationship.

Despite her ‘tough’ words for Kanye West, the sister of Kim Kardashian has been showing her support for her brother by wearing a Yeezy sweatshirt and holding his hand in the airport. She has been a vocal critic of the rapper and has asked him to stop harassing her sister and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Several Kim fans have also spoken out against Kanye’s behavior, saying he must not have a family.

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Despite his feud with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, the singer continues to show his support for Kim by wearing Yeezy sneakers at Van Nuys airport on Sunday. She also wore a pair of Yeezy sneakers to the event, which was a public display of her support for Kanye. It’s an effort to make her daughter look good and stay positive amid her dad’s troubles.

Although Kim and Pete’s feud with Kanye is not new, it is the ongoing drama between the two has been highly publicized. Previously, Kim had not commented on the feud between the rapper and the couple. Now, however, the two have been spotted spending a romantic evening at the same restaurant. Besides the Kardashians, Tristan and Pete are also enjoying dinner together.

While Khloe Kardashian has been publicly defending the rapper, she has yet to publicly apologize for her actions. She also has not yet met her husband, and she is not sure she’ll meet him again. But she has said that she has no intention of hurting Kanye West. And she has defended herself by sending a peace sign in response to his social media posts.

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