Actress Rachel Zelgar of West Side Story explains why she wasn’t invited to the Academy Awards. She is the lead character in the Tony-nominated film. As a Latina, she is the first Latina to win the Golden Globe for best actress in a musical. However, the Academy has not given her a single opportunity to accept her award. Instead, she had to go to a different ceremony where she could be celebrated for her accomplishments.

Zelger apologized to fans for causing uproar by revealing she wasn’t invited to the Oscars. She revealed she would be watching the Oscars telecast from home, despite being nominated for seven awards. Her fans praised the Academy for the snub, but Zelgar expressed disappointment over the decision. In the meantime, the film received seven Oscar nominations for its 2022 remake. Those nominations include Best Supporting Actress for Zelgar, Best Director for Steven Spielberg, and Best Original Screenplay.

Despite being nominated for seven Oscars, Zelger has not been invited to the ceremony. She has tried several methods to get the nomination, including tweeting that she was watching the ceremony from home. But the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts is still refusing to invite Zelgar to the show. In the meantime, fans have condemned the Academy for their lack of consideration for her. Nonetheless, the film has received seven nominations for its 2022 remake. Besides the Best Actress and Best Director awards, the film also received nominations for Best Picture and Best Sound Design.

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In response to the outrage, Zegler’s Instagram page has been filled with snarky comments. “It’s not that bad, I’m going to watch it again,” she writes on her profile. This is one of the most popular movie sites, and she has seven movies nominated for Oscars. It was a great year for women.

Although the Academy has been accused of bias in the past, Zegler has never been formally excluded from the ceremony. She has even praised the Academy for its discriminatory stance. The 94th Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, March 27. A total of seven nominations for the film will be announced. She will be watching from home. The movie has already received six nominations for Best Picture and Best Director.

The actress has been attempting to get an Oscar nomination for her role in the remake of West Side Street. But, the Academy hasn’t been so accommodating to her requests. While many women are being denied the chance to attend the Oscars, many women who are in the film industry have the right to make their voice heard and be recognized. They don’t have to be present in the audience.

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