Khloe Kardashian wants to return the heat, with a confident look as she relaxes in the sand, clad in a tiny bikini.

The creator of the “Good American” apparel company came on Instagram to showcase stunning photos of her swimsuits. While Khloe looked gorgeous in the pictures but she wasn’t True Thompson, Khloe’s kid who stole the show.

“Just pretend that I’m not here,” Me …” Khloe made fun of the captions that appeared on the pictures.

In the images the 36-year-old reality star appears to be posing in the sand, while sporting the most bare-faced bikini she has purchased from her company. The reality star, on the other hand, appears totally unconcerned, as she enjoys playing with her toys at the beach alongside her mother. The three-year-old was stunning in a swimsuit of pink, even though she was with her back towards the camera.

Many of Khloe’s relatives and friends commented on the way she looked attractive in the swimsuit. “Wow what a beautiful look! ” Sister Kim Kardashian commented, “Goals.” “Do you like working in a group?” Because I’m in dire for these results,” Simon Huck explained.

It is unclear where exactly the photos is unclear, however, Khloe’s devotion to her fitness is undisputed.

The fashion guru has been posting gorgeous images via her Instagram account and one of them was posted just one day ago, where she showed off her figure while leaning on an outdoor balcony, wearing a skin-tight bodysuit.

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Khloe has been featured in news reports lately after TV networks rejected their “Good American” TV commercial, claiming that it was “too sexually explicit.”

The 30 second video, which is still available in the “Good American’s” Instagram page, features an unclothed Khloe sitting on an unadorned bed. She is wearing two pairs of “Good American” pants with good legs and white sheets to cover her self-consciousness.