Zoe Kravitz Talks Openly Concerning Her Husband Karl Glusman, Describing Their breakup in the form of “Sad But Beautiful.”

Zoe Kravitz talked about her ex-husband Karl Glusman , and how her latest song inspired by his grief.

Kravitz 32-year-old singer spoke about her upcoming untitled debut solo album, saying that it will be an “spectrum of emotions” because it’s focused on “love and grief.”

She spoke about the making of her record. “I wrote it over a long period of time, subconsciously just catching this variety of emotions,” the artist revealed during an interview for AnOther Magazine, “which has been interesting to look back on and see what I was writing about them, then and now and in between.” “It’s an extremely personal issue. She continued by saying, “It’s about love and loss.”

Additionally, the actress talked about the actress’s “complicated” relationships and family life.

“I got married. My marriage ended with divorce. Breakups and separations are painful however, they can look beautiful.” the author explained. “It’s about the bittersweetness of beginnings and endings,” writes the author. “That moment, when you’re devastated and mourning the loss of something and thrilled for what’s ahead of you, is so complex,” the actress explained.

Kravtiz and Glusman were married for two years prior to when their divorce was finalized in August.

After two years of being together The couple made their announcement in the year 2018. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman Two Hollywood stars celebrated their marriage in Paris in the year 2019.

Kravitz is currently dating actor Channing Tatum following their divorce.

According to multiple reliable sources Tatum as well as Kravtiz began dating around the month of August. The couple was seen in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the 2021 Met Gala after-party event on September. 13.

As for work, the couple is currently working on the debut directorial film of Kravitz, “Pussy Island.” Kravitz has also been a contributor to the script’s script.

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Additionally the actress will be featured on the film “Kimi,” which is currently in pre-production. The film will feature Erika Christensen Byron Bowers, and Jaime Camil, and will be directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Tatum On his part Tatum will be next seen as a character in “Dog,” which will be released on February 18 2022. Tatum will also appear in the movie “Lost City of D,” that is currently in post-production.