“I think there’s something about those late-night folks that attracts me and somehow I get theirs,” Dolly Parton said about being a good friend to Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon

Dolly Parton is smitten with Jimmy Fallon.

Country music icon 75-year-old singer spoke about her love for the 47-year-old presenter on the Tonight Show in the interview that was part of the WMagazine’s latest cover feature. Parton stated that she and Fallon who she previously worked on a Christmas tune, “get along so great.”

“Well I’ve got an obsession with Jimmy Fallon, but I’m huge now, and I’m not able to be excused!” she said laughing and added “I consider him to be precious. He’s hilarious. We get along so good.”

“Sometimes you don’t be sure who you’ll end up connecting with. I’ve always experienced good luck with late night males like you? I’ve always had a good connection between David Letterman and with Johnny Carson,” continued Parton. “I think there’s something about the late-night crowd that attracts me and somehow I get theirs. It’s probably because it makes you feel that you’ll have more time to yourself in the evening. You don’t need to worry about what you’ll say.”

Parton who has been with spouse Carl Dean for more than 55 years, has also spoken to her friend W about her obsession with Johnny Cash.

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“I am a huge fan of boys. I love them,” she said. “In the beginning I had a huge admiration for Johnny Cash. He was young and thin and was a magnet. His way of moving was so sexually attractive. I later learned that it was just withdrawal due to drugs. But it affected me. He was just very sexy.”