Famous chef Gordon Ramsay is getting heat for charging a hefty cost for a basic food item in his newly opened restaurant.

The TV chef sold the basic meal consisting of chips and fried fish for around $43 at the restaurant he has in London, The River Restaurant.

As per the site, it’s an “stylish and relaxed all-day dining restaurant” that offers stunning perspectives of River Thames and “showcases the very best shellfish and seafood the UK has to offer”.

In the past, the dish was revealed on Instagram however, upon discovering its price, the users were not impressed.

One person posted: “Rather eat my local chippy. At least it’s not kids’ portions.”

Another user said: “Maybe one day if I win the lottery”.

“Rip off, I could eat in that price for a week,” wrote another.

There were positive comments from people who were elated about the chef as well as commenting on their excitement and desire to test cost-effective dish.

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“A lot of jealous comments on this thread. If you don’t like his food, cost, portions then follow those you aren’t jealous of and leave those who appreciate good quality food to enjoy it,” one user wrote.