Katie Price's Family Blame Peter Andre Split For Her Mental Health Problems

Katie Price‘s family has been blaming her ex-husband Peter Andre for her mental health problems. This article argues that Katie’s PTSD diagnosis is a farce and that her mum has gotten even with her ex-husband. This article also claims that Katie’s daughter inherited her father’s incredible talent for acting.

Katie Price’s family blames ex-husband Peter Andre for mental health problems

Katie Price’s family blames the split from Peter Andre for her mental health issues. Peter and Katie share a daughter, Princess, but Katie Price’s mental health has taken a turn for the worse. She started self-medicating with drugs and is now in rehab for PTSD. Peter has revealed that he is worried about his ex’s mental health but says he’s not trying to make Katie’s life difficult.

Peter and Katie Price split in 2009 after four years of marriage. Harvey, who was abandoned by his biological father at birth, has autism and Prader-Willi syndrome. Harvey also has blindness. Peter also has two other children with Amelia. Harvey is the youngest of three children.

Peter Andre’s split from Katie Price caused the family to blame the former model’s mental health problems. The couple had a rough year, including bankruptcy and a house fire. She also took a “night off” to get cocaine treatment. She was also arrested for drink-driving last week, which resulted in one night in prison.

Katie Price’s family blames Peter André’s split for mental health problems, saying the singer snubbed Emily’s desire to have more kids. Peter Andre’s family also blames the split on Emily’s recent public appearances, including a TV show and magazine column.

Peter Andre and Katie Price co-parent the two children, Princess and Junior. Their relationship has been in turmoil for several years. The couple separated in 2009, after a bitter court battle over the children. Peter sued Katie for defamation after she falsely claimed in a Heat magazine interview that he had cheated on her and didn’t care about Harvey. In the end, she agreed to pay Pete undisclosed damages and make a public apology. Katie Price’s rep said she has not heard from Peter’s lawyers in the last few months.

Katie Price’s parents have blamed Peter Andre’s split for their daughter’s mental health issues. But the split wasn’t the only factor that led to Katie Price’s problems. Her mom suffered from a terminal lung disease and has long dreamed of rebuilding the Pricey empire. While the split may have caused her depression, Katie Price’s family is now blaming her ex-husband for her mental health issues.

Katie Price’s mum lashed out at ex-husbands

Katie Price’s mother Amy Price has blasted her daughter’s ex-husbands for their mental health problems. Both Kerran and Alex Reid have been equally bad. She claims Peter was ‘devastated’ when Katie failed to call her children on the first day of high school. The former glamour model shared two children with her ex-husband. The pair began dating in 2009 and married in Las Vegas in 2010. However, they split after 11 months.

It’s unclear whether or not Katie Price’s comments were intended to make her ex-husband angry or to make her kids hate her. However, her recent outbursts haven’t gone down well with her children Peter and Kieran. They have been warned to get help before she loses everything.

Katie Price’s marriage to ex-stripper Kieran was characterized by infidelity. He cheated on her with his friends, as well as her nanny Nikki Brown. Their separation was finalized in June of this year. Katie also attacked Peter Andre, the father of her two children with the former stripper.

While her ex-husbands are blaming each other for their issues, her mum also took a swipe at Emily Andre. She called her ex-husband’s wife a ‘disgusting person and said that she refused to visit her daughter Princess when she was in rehab.

Katie Price’s mum has also lashed out at Harvey’s ex-husbands for their mental health problems. The former TV personality and mother of two children has opened up about the devastating impact the divorce had on Harvey’s mental health.

In 2010, her ex-husband’s divorce made her suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. This led to her being banned from driving. The court found her guilty of driving with a speeding fine in September and October 2011. She was given six points on her license and fined PS400.

The couple went on to release a series of reality shows and a failed talk show. They also made their way into the music industry, and secured deals with glossy magazines and TV channels. However, the pair separated in 2009, after four years of fame.

Katie Price’s PTSD diagnosis is a farce

The latest controversy surrounding Katie Price’s PTSD diagnosis has left many questioning the validity of her diagnosis. The reality star has been in and out of rehab since last year but has largely denied playing a part in her difficulties. Her denials are consistent with her stance that her difficulties have been exaggerated. Last summer, she was reportedly “at rock bottom” and spent time in rehab for PTSD.

Katie Price’s daughter inherited her father’s talent as a performer

After Katie Price’s split from Peter Andre, she admitted that she had been struggling with mental health issues for some time. She is now back in rehab, undergoing treatment for PTSD. Peter hasn’t publicly discussed the breakup or the hospital stay, but he’s been open about the problems he’s dealing with privately. The pair shares two kids together, Junior and Princess.

Katie and Peter made headlines in 2017 when they announced they were splitting up. Peter and Katie’s venture stateside did not turn out to be a success. The pair were listed on the Sunday Times Rich List, with an estimated PS30 million in wealth. However, some observers believe the split is a publicity stunt.

Katie Price’s family blames Peter Andre’s split for Katie Price’s mental health problems. But, despite her troubles, she’s managed to get back together with her children. In fact, they have shared photos of the kids, with Katie Price posing in lingerie.

Peter Andre’s split is not the only reason for Katie Price’s mental health problems. The two spent seven years together. However, they split after a bitter court battle and many public spats over the children. Peter and Katie are now living apart.

Katie Price’s family blames the split on Peter Andre’s second marriage. The pair have three children together. Despite the split, their children are still close to their mother, which has left Katie Price’s family devastated. She has since taken a stepmother role to the children.

Peter Andre’s ex-wife Katie Price has spent her $85 million fortune. She has a slew of money for lavish parties, clothes, and cars. She also gave her son Junior a Christian Dior gift bag and a $146,000 Audi on her son’s 14th birthday. She’s resorted to selling her children’s old knickers to pervy fans.

Peter also makes his kids respect him. They respect their father and know when it’s time for playtime. He also takes them to the local homeless shelter and teaches them about money and charity. He also keeps the peace in the family. In the Christmas episode, Peter and his children fought over Christmas presents. The youngest gave her bin bags and Marigold gloves, and the other gave her bin bags.