Some of her fans believe that her content is priced too high and is lacking nudity and are now threatening to end memberships on her OnlyFans page in less than a month after the actress joined the platform.

Katie Price is turning out to be some a turnoff for those who are not impressed by her content on OnlyFans and have decided to cancel their subscriptions.

The mother of five, 43 years old, shocked her fans this month after she announced that she’d launch a website within the OnlyFans network that is a subscription-based video and photo sharing site that is well-liked by sexually active people around the globe, and notorious for having explicit, X-rated material.

There are indications that Katie struggles to get people to sign up for her blog content even though she has reduced her subscription costs to half.

However, it appears that those who have already signed up to her website haven’t been amazed by the photos and videos available shown, with a lot of them saying they will not send any more money to her.

Fans have expressed their displeasure about one of the images posted on the page by Katie in her OnlyFans page and one of them wrote: “Won’t be resubscribing, check out more on Google or in the newspapers! Awful and disappointing.”

Another one complained: “No offense Katie but this does not come anything close to 15 dollars per month. It’s very confusing and I will definitely not be resubscribing.”

Another subscriber was also in agreement one wrote: “As everyone else have declared, I won’t ever subscribe again. Best of luck.”

This Sunday Katie stated that the access she has to her site is currently at half-price. This brings the cost down from PS11 down to PS5.50.

Some fans were enraged by the tweet from Katie in which she outlined her current contract to express their concern that she is not following the most secure way towards financial prosperity.

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One person tweeted: “Omg. I’m so sorry that you have to slash your own prices to earn money. You can live a more modest, less expensive and more content. Be careful and love your family.”

Some others reacted to the star , saying that they had had enough of her work through the years.

One person tweeted: “No thanks it’s free online.”

A third one wrote “Can view more of the content yours for free on pornhub.”

Others branded her “desperate” and others expressed concerns about the possibility that her five children with ages ranging from seven to 19-years-old, may end up watching their explicit videos.

Katie gained notoriety in the 90s as a model for glamour – modeling topless with the stage name Jordan.

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