The name Katie Price is an unusual one, but it’s actually not too difficult to pronounce. The English actress has several middle names, including Amy, Katherine, and Jordan, but her Greek first name is a real tongue-twister. Even her dad, Ray Infield, hated the name, which she took when she was very young, and when her modeling career began, she changed it to Jordan.

As a child, she took her father’s name, Paul, because it was easier to pronounce. But when she shot to fame as a glamour model, she took the Jordan name, which is a more appealing name than her own. Her mum, Amy Price, didn’t like her choice of name and so she used it to protect her daughter. Eventually, she changed her name back to her real one and started to be known as Katie Price.

Her parents named her Katie because they thought that she would grow up to be a fashion model or a singer. But her real name is Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield. It’s a mouthful, but she hated it! Her mother Amy Price didn’t like the name and decided to keep it secret from the public. She even subscribed to OK! magazine to keep her secret.

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When she was four, her parents remarried and she took the surname Jordan to protect her mum. Later, she chose her real name, which is very different from her childhood moniker. It’s easy to imagine why she didn’t like being called Jordan and chose a different one. Nevertheless, she never took her ex husband’s last name, and it’s still her real name.

The actress’s real name isn’t Katie Price. It’s actually Jordan, but her real surname is Paul. She opted for Paul because it was more catchy and her former husband’s surname was less common. In fact, she dropped her birth name when she was just four, as she hated her new last name. So, Katie’s real name is now Jordan.

The singer’s real surname is Jordan. Her ex-husband changed his last name to Paul Price when she was four. She continued to use the surname until she turned 18. In 2009, she was remarried and used the name Paul. She changed it back to her own name to start her glamour modelling career. Then, she married Carl Woods, who became her boyfriend.

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