A KIM diamond necklace custom-made for Kim Kardashian is a work of art. The famous beauty was seen posing outside a Los Angeles hotel wearing the encrusted necklace. The necklace, which features the letters KIM encircled by pink diamonds, was designed by jeweler Eric Mavani. It was shared on the social media site Reddit, where many fans expressed disapproval. Others speculated that Kim may be pregnant with Pete Davidson‘s baby. However, she has yet to confirm or deny this rumor.

The designer of Kim Kardashian’s custom diamond necklace, Eric Mavachev, is also the designer of the encrusted KIM name chain. The ring is estimated to cost $50k and features pink hearts. The piece of jewelry is perfectly suited to Kim’s new personality. The name of the jeweler’s company is ‘Er’, and there are several other designers of the ice.

The designer of Kim Kardashian’s custom KIM diamond necklace, Eric Mavachev, also known as Eric Da Jeweler, reportedly spent $50,000 on the piece. While it is not clear whether this ring is more valuable than the other, some experts say it is worth about $1.5 million. The jeweler also explained that Kim has been getting some advice from the internet regarding her new KIM diamond necklace.

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The price of Kim Kardashian’s KIM diamond necklace is rumored to be around $50k, and she’s been seen wearing it on Instagram. It was created by fine jewelry designer Eric Mavachev, also known as Eric Da Jeweler. She wore a simple grey outfit to wear the necklace. It was accompanied by a pair of high heels, which were decorated with tiny pink hearts and diamonds.

The necklace is estimated to cost $50k and is adorned with diamonds, pink hearts, and other symbols of love. It is the second piece of jewelry designed by Kanye for Kim. The first one, which had a 20 carat diamond, looks almost perfect. Experts have estimated the value at around $1.5 million, but they don’t have the same quality as the second one.

The necklace is said to contain a total of 100 carats of diamonds, and is made by a fine jeweler named Eric Mavachev. The price tag on the piece is reported to be $50k. The necklace is not practical for everyday wear, but it looks fabulous on the infamous star. She may have bought it with the intention of spending the money on it, but she’s clearly not doing that for everyday use.

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