Actress Katherine Ryan reveals a lingering Covid symptom caused rift in her marriage. The 39-year-old was diagnosed with the disease last year. The affliction left her unable to smell her food properly. Her marriag with Bobby Kootstra was strained until she decided to seek treatment for the condition.

The lingering symptom has been the source of a rift in her marriage. The actress is now revealing that her ailment has caused a rift in her marriage. The ailment has left her unable to smell her food. As a result, she has been forced to resort to a tasteless diet. The actress has been married to a divorced man since 2016.

The affliction has affected her marriage, but she has tried to overcome it. She has joined forces with meal delivery service Gousto and smell disorder charity AbScent to create a kit to train people’s sense of smell. The kit includes four jars of fragrances and ingredients to stimulate their taste buds.

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The ailment caused a rift in her merriage. A lingering Covid symptom is one of the many reasons why a woman can lose her marriage. It can make people feel anxious and frustrated. It can cause depression. If you are feeling lonely or depressed, you should consult a doctor to find a cure. You might find that it is easier than you think. The ailment could be caused by a lingering symptom.

The symptoms of Covid can lead to a wide range of problems. The most common one is loss of smell. The most talked about is the loss of taste. Some people with the disease experience a rift in their marriage because they cannot smell certain foods. Those who suffer from Covid aren’t able to smell anything, and it can cause severe pain and anxiety.

The loss of smell and taste is one of the most common long-term symptoms of Covid. Those with Covid have a loss of taste and smell, which has changed the way the nation eats. It also has a profound effect on a person’s health, which makes them more susceptible to disease. While many people with Covid are able to taste and smell foods, not all of them can perceive smell the scents that others do.

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