Katherine Ryan was worried about her career being affected by the announcement of her pregnancy

Katherine Ryan, the comedian, admitted that she was worried about the negative effects of announcing her pregnancy on her career.

The 38-year old stand-up revealed to fans that she was pregnant with her second child, her first with Bobby Kootstra, just two weeks before Fred was born.

She said she hid the news from people for several months, fearing that it might have a negative impact on her work.

Katherine Ryan was worried about her career being affected by the announcement of her pregnancy

“I was nervous because I thought it might harm my career. Metro spoke to Ryan about the difficulty of ignoring that there is still inequality.

“People assumed that when I found out that I was pregnant, I would cancel my autumn tour. They wouldn’t have said this if Fred was my dad.

“I was unsure if I felt safe telling people, but when I told productions, I was so pleasantly surprised by how accommodating and kind they were.”

“Equality in television has improved tremendously. Fred was treated with kindness and consideration by everyone.

Ryan stated that she received hundreds of messages after her announcement about her pregnancy. They were asking her if her tour would continue later in the year.

She encouraged them to think about whether they would ask the same question to their male comics, Rob Beckett, Josh Widdicombe or Romesh Ranganathan, if their wives become pregnant.

“My pregnancy was unexpected to everyone, but I knew. She said that she planned the tour, and is a reliable performer.

Ryan’s profile has grown tremendously in recent years with her sitcom The Duchess, which is available on Netflix, as well as her comedy specials: In Trouble and Glitter Room.

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Although she admitted it was “daunting” to return to the stage after being away for a year due to the coronavirus epidemic, she said that “muscle memory” will kick in once the lights turn on.

The star said, “You feel a bit like a beginner but it’s almost like riding a bicycle.”