Bill Gates, Linux, and Internet Pet Feeders - The most interesting tech stories to be read this weekend

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Two Bills, a tale

Bill Gates, a quirky, but friendly billionaire philanthropist and one half the perfect couple, has had a clean reputation for years.

After the news of the couple’s divorce, some of that reputation started to crumble earlier in this year. Insider examines the other side to Bill Gates. The side that has been meticulously eluded over the years by an army PR handlers.

Bill Gates, Linux, and Internet Pet Feeders - The most interesting tech stories to be read this weekend

What happens if the startup that connects your pet feeder to the internet goes down?

Becky Peterson of Insider learned the hard lesson when Dewey, her cat, rebelled against the device’s decision not to give him his morning kibble.

Becky reacted to the feline’s ill temper and began to investigate. She discovered that there was a fundamental problem with the variety of “connected devices” we depend on to manage our lives and homes, as well as our pets. smart-pet-feeder–went-out-of–business-2021-6

Linus Torvalds was just getting his internet and power back from an ice storm that hit Portland, Oregon. I reached him via email. I asked him if he was available to do a video interview. He replied that he did not.

Instead, I suggested a telephone interview. “Heh, no. My abhorrence also covers phone calls. Phones are a horrible thing. Other than quick email devices.

You would need to contact us by email. There were many things we could talk about, with the most powerful and famously irascible programmer in the world.

Jason Calacanis mixes bravado, showmanship and a variety of media megaphones to create a one-man brand. He promotes the glory of startups with infomercial-like enthusiasm and is the coach, talent agent and gatekeeper for achieving success.

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Insider interviewed more than 50 people who were close to Calacanis (including portfolio-company founders and alumni of accelerators) to find out what it was like for young entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the world.