Why A Lincoln Nebraska-Based Insurance Company Launched A Podcast Focused On ‘Good Business’

I was invited to appear on numerous podcasts since the publication of Better Business: The B Corp Movement Remaking Capitalism. This allowed me to discuss the book as well as the importance and necessity for sustainable and equitable business practices in the post-Covid era. Assurity, a Lincoln Nebraska-based life insurance company invited me to join their Good Business podcast. I was intrigued by the idea of an insurance company producing a podcast about good business.

Tom Henning, Assurity’s President, and CEO were interviewed to help me understand the situation. He explained to me that “at Assurity we believe that business can be an agent for positive change.” “A large portion of Assurity’s 130-year history is our mutuality. Our foundation was built around the idea of people working together for the common good. This goes beyond insurance protection and extends to every aspect of how we conduct business.

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Below is an edited email conversation with Tom about Assurity and the meaning of “good business” in the insurance industry.