In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, royal expert Duncan Larcombe broke down Kate and Will’s plans for baby number four. Apparently, William and Kate would both like a fourth child but will only have one. That leaves the couple with only three children – and it’s a good thing for us. The royal couple will still be able to spend time with each other and manage the monarchy.

A royal expert breaks down Kate and Will’s plans for baby no four. The couple has made public displays of affection in public. During their recent tour of the Caribbean, the royal couple were visibly touching and flirting with each other. This has left fans wondering whether they’re already happy with three. However, William and Kate are happy with their current family size. It’s likely that they’ll only have one more child.

The couple’s plan to have four kids mirrors the number of children her parents had. The couple have two daughters and a son. During Kate’s first three pregnancies, she suffered from severe morning sickness – known as hyperemesis gravidarum. The symptoms can be dangerous and can land a pregnant woman in the hospital. While this condition can be debilitating, Kate has managed to overcome the illness with the help of hypnobirthing techniques.

Despite the high expectations of the Royals, Kate and Will are already very happy with their three children. The Duchess of Cambridge, who’s now 40 years old, has suffered from severe morning sickness in her first three pregnancies. In the interview with Us Weekly, she also revealed that she and William had discussed their plans for a fourth child but did not think that William would want them to have more children. During the interviews, she told reporters that she was “happy with her three children.”

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While William and Kate have three children, they are not yet married. They are already very busy, but they are still close. In fact, the older of the two couples is more likely to have a fourth child. While this is a great thing, the royal couple has been joking about having a fourth child for some time now. The royals have been open about their plans for a fourth child, and they’re also planning for a fourth child, too.

Unlike their older siblings, Kate and Will are hands-on parents. They take the kids to school, and rework their schedules to accommodate different activities. While William and Kate don’t have the same parenting style as their parents, they still have three children and a baby on the way. Besides their busy schedules, they are also juggling a busy family life and their plans for a fourth.

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