A royal expert has called out Prince Harry for launching a ‘deliberate slight’ on the Royal Family, describing it as ‘an unwarranted attempt to gain a wider audience’. Angela Levin, a biographer of the royal family, has said that the prince acted in a “deliberate” manner, a claim that he has denied.

A royal expert has also called out Prince Harry for his comment. The alleged derogatory tweets were posted on the Sussex Royal Instagram account. A statement from the American-born couple is a deliberate affront to the Royal Family, a fact denied by the British royals. While the e-mails may appear unwarranted, they were sent out to accredited media outlets and the public.

After Prince Harry publicly attacked Camilla and the Queen, the couple met with members of the royal family to discuss how to reshape the family’s role in society. The Queen refused to discuss the future of the royal family with Prince William without his father and told him not to discuss his wish list. The royal couple ignored the orders and went ahead with their plans. However, the defiance of the Queen’s wishes is shocking and a breach of courtesy. In the past, the Queen has been a trusted advisor to the British monarchy for nearly seven decades.

In June, Kate Middleton made a public appeal to the Royal Family to support the monarchy’s decision to allow Camilla to become the next queen after Charles succeeds her. While many royals were in the spotlight over the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry was in the spotlight again, this time for his planned memoirs. Morgan has also slammed Harry for the alleged derogatory comment on the Royal Family.

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In the interview, Harry criticised the Royal Family’s parenting and refusal to speak about Diana. The interview was broadcast in the US, and the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the royals were horrified by the reaction and that there had been an organised Twitter campaign against the royals. The allegations, however, were based on personal accounts and were not made in the public domain.

The couple’s appearance at Disneyland coincided with the anniversary of their Oprah Winfrey interview, in which they pledged to launch a global wave of humanitarian work. While a visit to Disneyland is not a sign of shared commitment to doing good works, the couple’s appearance at Disney does not prove a shared commitment to humanitarian work. The duo was, however, attacked by various royal experts after the interview, and he was even slammed for making incendiary claims about the royal family.

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