After confirming her engagement to a Saudi man named Sam Asghari, Britney Spears has hinted that she and Asghari want to start a family. The singer has also posted countless photos on social media about her desire for a child. Her most recent post, captioned “I’m thinking of adopting a baby”, was posted in November.

Last month, the pop star revealed she is expecting a baby girl or boy. The new couple announced their engagement in September and announced they are trying to spend more time together. Spears teased fans on social media about having a baby with Asghari. She posed with her baby in front of a Christmas tree, holding a bottle. Afterwards, she thanked Sam for allowing her to become pregnant.

The singer has already been rumored to adopt a child, which would be another great way to show her children that she is a new mom. The singer and Asghari recently made a video in which they appear to be feeding the baby, accompanied by a decorated tree. The two appeared to be holding hands and smiling as they pushed the baby on a swing.

Although the pop star has been open to adopting, she has also been open about it, and posted a photo of a tiny child on tiptoes, which was supposed to be her newest inspiration. According to the Daily Mail, Spears’s tweets have been deleted and she has reportedly been speaking to Asghari about the possibility of adding another baby to the family.

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The pop singer has been dating Sam Asghari for almost three years, and they were recently engaged. Despite their public scandal, Britney Spears is open about the possibility of adopting a baby with Sam Asghari. The singer has two sons with Kevin Federline. It is not known if she will adopt a child with Sam, but it is a possibility.

A recent interview with Sam Asghari, her boyfriend of several years, confirmed the rumors that she wants a baby. The two have not yet formally confirmed their plans to adopt a child, but she has been in contact with his parents since last November. The relationship is supposedly working well and the two will have a baby. The news comes after the engagement. In addition, a new pet is also in the works. The pop singer has recently brought in a French cat.

The singer’s marriage to Asghari is a big deal for the singer. The singer, who is originally from Mississippi, is considering marrying him. She is also reportedly trying to keep the relationship secret, and he has filed court papers to prevent him from interfering. Nevertheless, the two are in love, and the news is not good for her ex-boyfriend.

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