According to the latest news, Britney Spears is planning to write and record new songs. The pop star has been contacted by several songwriters, but there’s no official word on when she will start recording. As of now, Britney is focusing on enjoying her life with her fiance Sam Asghari. She has regularly shared updates on her social media accounts.

After successfully battling to end her conservatorship, Britney Spears has begun working on new music. She’s already begun working with some songwriters, such as Claude Kelly, who created her ‘Circus’ and ‘If U Seek Amy’ hits. Her team is also putting out feelers for new material. She has said previously that she didn’t expect to release any new music, but it’s clear that she’s taking her time and is ready to release it.

It’s unclear when Spears will release her new album. She’s already battling against her conservatory, but the process of releasing her new music is slow, and the pop star is taking it slow. Despite the delay, Spears is putting out feelers for the new music she plans to release. This is an exciting time for fans and her team.

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The pop star is free from the conservatory and is putting her feelers out. She’s also been working with Claude Kelly, the artist behind the ‘Circus’ and ‘If U Seek Amy’ hits. Meanwhile, Spears is planning to perform a medley of her hits at the Billboard Music Awards. If she does release new music, it’s going to be a huge success.

In addition to working on her new music, Spears has spoken to the Associated Press and Billboard about the making of the new single Baby One More Time. As of August 2012, Spears’s contract with Rovi Corporation has been terminated. The singer also talked to a journalist about her plans to make new music. She recently wrote an article about her experiences at the MTV VMAs.

Spears is currently free of her conservatory and has been working with songwriters she feels comfortable working with. The artist behind the ‘Circus’, ‘Lucky’ and ‘If U Seek Amy’ hits has worked with Spears. This means that Britney Spears is free to make new music, but the process is taking a long time.

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